St David’s Church Ashprington

In the Totnes Mission Community


11/10/2020 Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival brought a good number of folk to church  properly distanced and be-masked but we enjoyed not only a village service but two lovely solos one by Sally and one by Jonathan.  We sorely miss singing in church but these solos and the organ music lifted the spirits. The gifts donated by the village were many and were given to the Totnes Food bank after the service.

06/09/2020 Annual Parish Church Meeting (APCM)

The APCM was held on Sunday 6th September 2020.  Please <click here> for the Annual Report to the APCM 2019. Please <click here> for the Minutes of the meeting.

25/08/2020 Horticultural Fun Show

There have been some fine entries to our horticultural show.  Thank you to all who submitted them.  To see some of the photos and the results please click here.

05/08/2020 St David’s Clock

For the last month or two St David’s clock has chimed virtuously and correctly on the hour.  The clock face though has shown the time as 12.00 noon as, due to a mechanical fault, the hands jammed as they turned and so had to be stopped.  Scaffolding was erected, clock repairers set to work and the clock is now in full working order.  Its face has been polished (disinfected against Covid see photo) and is ready to serve the village again.

Almost ready
Polishing the clock dace

19/08/2020 Walking for St Mary’s Totnes.

The 120-ft tower of St Mary’s Parish Church in Totnes has been a landmark for wayfarers and pilgrims for nearly six centuries. These days it is still the most defining feature of the town and the reason why countless people visit Totnes and even decide to live in the area.  However, it is now facing one of the greatest threats ever. Water ingress into the pinnacles is badly damaging the entire structure and, unless stopped, our beautiful 15 century Grade I Listed Church could be faced with closure. That would be a tragedy not only for our active congregation but for the entire nation.

Julian Hall is a churchwarden at St Mary’s.  Aged 77, he is undertaking a 77-mile sponsored walk to ‘stop the rot’.  Please give what you can and, above all, spread the word by all means possible. The tower may not survive another Winter.  For full details, to follow his journey or to donate please click here.

25/07/2020 Walking to Ashprington.  Walking with Ashprington.

We were delighted when Jim our new team rector and his wife Harriet “popped in” to St David’s as they took a walk.

Jim led our first service after lock-down on Sunday 26 July.  We were a good number, properly spaced, wearing face masks and happy to be back in church despite the lack of singing.  Our organist Liz gave us some music to fill the musical gap which we all appreciated.  

Walking to Ashprington Jim our new rector and Harriet his wife