St David’s Church Ashprington

In the Totnes Mission Community


A brief History of St David's Church Ashprington

This is a small booklet which can be found at the entrance to the church.  It gives a brief history of the building along with many lovely pictures.  You can purchase a copy for  the price of £2.00.

The Woodwork of St David's Church Ashprington

The woodwork in St David’s is extraordinarily fine and Laurence Green has produced this excellent book with extensive photos both new and old.  He discusses the history of the church and the three periods of restoration when much of the woodwork was done.  A copy of this book may be bought by emailing Laurence Green.

Ashprington Parish Magazine January 1903 – December 1918

In January 1903 the Rector, Rev. Reginald Carwithen, started a monthly Parish Magazine. This was a new venture and as far as he was aware it was the first time in the long history of the parish that its doings had been recorded. He continued to edit the magazine until December 1918 when paper rationing and rapidly increasing printing costs forced closure.

In 2014 Richard Soans, David Davies and Laurence Green got together to republish the magazines in collected form with the permission of the Devon Heritage Centre where they had been held.

They are beautifully written and provide a fascinating account of life in the parish and the work of the church and its rector during those most interesting years.

Enquiries concerning this publication may be addressed to Kathi Green.

The Monuments St David's Church Ashprington

Laurence Green has written this excellent little book on the monuments of St David’s with some of the fascinating history that surrounds them. For a copy please contact Laurence Green or click the cover above or here to view the PDF.